The Youngest One in Curls

I am planning a surprise party for Saturday. Iíd tell you about it, but you might ruin the surprise.

The last time I threw a part was in the 7th grade. That ended with my bra being frozen and Heather English swearing she would never speak to me again and Karen Chapman crying.

I hope this party goes slightly better.

But just in case, Iím not going to take off my bra during the party.

There will be music and food and drinks and dip Ė probably at least two kinds of dip.

Maybe three, but I donít want to go crazy.

If anyone ruins the surprise, theyíre not getting any dip.

Either kind.

I kind of spent $71 on fabric online today, but I donít want to talk about it. Itís an investment in my future. My future as an owner of fabric.

Iím also moving in two weeks as my rent on my current place is going up too much. My landlord had told me the rent would be going up and I thought shoot, another $25, right? I can handle that action because I just got a raise. Except no, not $25, another $200. A month! I think not. The cats and I shall be moving into a cheaper, older, shadier building in another zip code in a few weeks.

A steady diet of wheat thins, Virginia slims, and diet coke makes you neither thin nor slim. Just throwing that out there. I probably said it last entry, but I think it bears repeating.

I just called for service on my car. Car Repair Man says, whatís the problem with your car? I say, you know how when you put the key in the ignition and you go to start your car and it starts? Mine doesnít do that and Iíd like it to, I kind of miss that excitement.

Bets on how much this will cost? Iím going to say $647.89.

The winner gets dip. Sour cream-based dip.

I used to think if I concentrated hard enough, I could make things happen with my mind. This involved staring at objects intently. Sometimes I still do this. I havenít moved anything yet, but one time when I stared at my cat too long, she growled at me.

If thatís not proof of my psychic abilities, I really donít know what is.

I know a lot of people on dland have shut down/locked up/disappeared or whatever because of people in ďreal lifeĒ finding their online diary. I totally understand that and I even was one of those people (locked and moved), but the truth is, who cares anymore? For me that is. I think Diesel (currently locked) put it best: obviously Iím that entertaining that people have to keep looking for me. It does make some sense. Iím graduating soon, Iím moving at the end of the year, I travel all the time, I have lots of friends and places to go, I can be mildly amusing, I can add columns of numbers in my head, sometimes two digit numbers, I know at least four phrases in Spanish (one about cheese dip) and I can tell how any episode of the Brady Bunch ends within the first 60 seconds of watching it. I mean come on now, whatís not to love?

So yeah, I can understand how my life might be exciting to someone who has their entire future to dread of doing the same thing over and over and over.-

I have to go buy something now. Probably dip.

2006-01-12 at 4:27 p.m.