Yay new job

Well they caved - I can start my new job on March 2nd. I found a job in an economic crisis/recession/whatever is going on. It only took three months and 137 resumes. Praise Bob.

So ok, the job! Data entry and document scanning. It pays $3 less per hour than my current job.

Take a pause and be jealous of both the lower salary and the kick ass job duties.

Seriously though, I am happy with it. It seems like I will be VERY busy and that's all I really want right now. Busy, busy, busy. I keep falling into these admin asst/exec asst types of jobs where I have 39 out of 40 hours a week to do nothing except surf the internet and eat wheat thins. . . So I will take busy over that situation. I can also live on less money. . . I can also live on more money, but let's not dwell.

Seems like a nice office, less than 20 employees total and . . . yeah. 8-5 hours, only about eight miles one way with not much traffic . . . not much else to say.

I am planning on starting school full time next January (shhh, don't tell the new job) so this year is all about saving money and preparing for that future plan. I am not looking for a career in this job right now, just something to pay my bills and keep me busy and not make me dread going to work every day (tall order!).

Yay, new job. :)

2009-02-17 at 12:34 p.m.