Working for The Man

So after two months of unemployed bliss, I start a new job tomorrow. I'll be working for the federal government in some sort of beige cubicle, typing memos and making coffee and other such important government activities I suppose. I'm trying not to allow myself to be overcome from the excitement of thinking about all of the endless and fascinating possibilities.

Anyhow, a paycheck will be nice, nice, nice.

I got a puppy. He is a miniature schnauzer and he is the most beautiful puppy in the entire universe and anyone who says otherwise is a filthy, filthed up liar, filthing up the world with their filthy lies.

I'll post pictures one day and all of you will gaze upon his beauty and your hearts will swell and burst from the sheer magnitude of his beauty. Be prepared for it.

So I am living in Denver (Colorado, just to be clear). I moved here from Tampa about two months ago. I managed to wreck one car, however it was not weather related at all. I was trying to open a diet coke and failed to notice a car stopped in front of me and rear-ended it rather violently. Enough to cause airbag explosions. $500 deductible and a hefty monthly premium increase and all is solved.

I still do love diet coke, it tastes like liquid happiness.

Denver, what can I say? It's not as cold as I thought it would be. It's almost never windy. It has snowed here and there, but generally melts within a few days. I can see mountains out my window. I don't think I miss Florida, but I also don't think I quite want to be here yet either. . . so we'll give it a few more months and see how many pairs of socks I have left that still match up (a general indicator of knowing when to move and when to stay that I find most helpful).

I hope I like this job tomorrow. I am the assistant secretary to the senior secretary. And senior is not just a title, the woman is probably 84 years old (approx.) I'm not quite sure how to dress as all of my clothes tend towards a more . . . eclectic side. I'm really into knee socks, weird colors of tights, boots, plaid skirts and sweater sets right now (trust me, it is a wonderful combo). However, it's a government office and standing out tends to be frowned upon. Maybe I should go buy something beige at The Gap.

Also the job is 20 miles away from where I live so depending on the weather situation, I may or may not be needing to sell some organs to pay for deductibles and insurance premiums.

I have to go play with the most beautiful puppy on the planet now. Hopefully he has not peed on anything while I have written this entry.

2008-02-18 at 5:42 p.m.