Whole Grain

Hi, hi, hi.

I am in Florida. Deerfield Beach to be exact (that's a little bit north of Ft. Lauderdale in case you care). I arrived on Friday night, had a show yesterday, went for a walk on the beach today, and leave tomorrow.

I don't know, it all feels a little sad. I mean I have had fun and all . . . I just, hmmm. I lived in Florida for five years and I miss it. When the plane was landing, it was sunset and something about the time of day and the color of the clouds made me remember the years I spent here and how I miss it. How it felt like home, but how it wasn't my home anymore. Today when I was walking on the beach I realized that it wasn't really Florida I missed, but it was a time I missed. I miss being 28 and . . . everything that was going on in my life then. Those people, those jobs, those experiences are gone, replaced by new jobs, people and everything else. I guess it left me feeling a little melancholy realizing how much changes and how much I didn't even notice it.

Oh my gosh, maybe I should not have stopped taking my medication last month perhaps?

So back home tomorrow and then another trip to Atlanta on the 28th. That should be a bit less introspective as I have no strong memories of Atlanta.

Oh and I have had fun on this trip. I do love travelling alone, something about being anonymous and staying in a hotel and being in a different time zone than my cat appeals to me. Plus the show on Saturday was a huge success so I was able to splurge and buy the cutest outfit. I have no idea how that will fit in my already obese suitcase, but I will worry about that later.

2008-10-05 at 9:07 p.m.