Toxic Fun

What to do when your unemployed (and don't mind toxic fumes.

This one is my favorite (today anyhow). I don't know, I just like how the picture is really delicate, but the wire around it sort of looks barbed wire-y.


Maiden closer

Brown/black stones

Lampworked moon bead from a class I took in Orlando. I didn't actually make this bead, the instructor did. All of my lampworked beads came out looking like genetically altered irradiated misshapen chickpeas.

Stony looking necklace

Virgin Mary (blurry pic, blah)

The Rachel (my friend Rachel is in the picture, aren't I clever with the naming??


Seashell closer . . .


I really like this one too. I didn't know what to do with all of my leftover tiny scrap pieces from my mosaic mural, and of course, the answer was resin. As always.

Side view



And lastly . . .

Dancing Napoleon

Well "Making the Band" is on now, gotta go.

2005-12-01 at 9:36 p.m.