Some Random Facts as I am too tired to think up a real super exciting entry

Oh, the wonder that they call me . . .

Let me see . . . I like Doritos. Pretty much all the flavors. Nacho cheese, cool ranch, spicy habanero, taco chip, 3-D, spicy jalapeno . . . wait, what was I talking about????

I used to eat paper towels. Not because they tasted particularly good, but because they didn't have calories and I figured it would be a good way to lose weight. I was in second grade when I came up with this brilliant plan.

I now have a boring government job during the day. It's not that bad though and the people are nice, so what more can you hope for? A paycheck and a place to sit in a rolly chair for eight hours a day, score.

I work part time at a big, giant church in frost-tastic Denver, Colorado. I work with the toddlers. I love, love, love the toddler age group! (well most of the time, but let's not get into the tantrums). I am a master teacher which involves singing (those of you who know me, don't laugh or I will kick you in the shins - toddlers don't care if your voice sounds like a dying hedgehog) and teaching Bible lessons. Sometimes I work in the nursery, or the 2's or 3's or 4's or wherever the heck they need me the most, but mainly you can find me in the toddler room, singing, passing out cups of Cheerios, changing diapers, and just generally having fun down on the floor mats.

Ask me later and I will teach you the words to the BIBLE song. You know you want to be cool and learn all the words.

I drive an SUV. I never thought I would drive an SUV, but life is like that. I never thought I would live in Denver either, but heck, here I am. Secret? I looooove my SUV. Go figure. Go ahead and hate me if you must.

Jewelry, I love making jewelry. Duh.

I have driven FOUR times in the past year from Tampa to Denver. That's over 8,000 miles. Take a moment to be impressed.

I have recently become addicted to Polyvore. Do a search for gorilladust to find my sets. It's a great way to spend the time between 8-5, Monday through Friday.

I also loooooove Ebay. Oh the thrill of the chase.

There is a restaurant on Davis Island in Tampa called The Pink Flamingo and they have the best breakfast in the world. Go there and order an omelette in honor of me.

If you are going to commit suicide, don't slit your wrists unless you are absolutely sure it is going to work. Otherwise you have to walk around for the rest of your life with wristy scars.

I furnished my whole room off of craigslist for less than $500. And it kicks ass.

What else . . . tomorrow is admin assist professional day. That means free lunch. Score.

I can't wait to see what happens on Lost this Thursday.

Ok, that's it for today.

2008-04-22 at 11:54 a.m.