Tomato Soup

Ok, thereís more.

In addition to the severe sunburn, I also developed a blister on my toe (the little piggy that stays home toe). Also? My friends thought it would be fun to ride a wave runner. I had never been on one before so I said ok, as long as I didnít have to drive.

I am not so much the good driver. I mean Iím not mowing people down , but I tend to hit things. Lots of things. Dingers, I call them.

So I rode in the bitch seat. Thatís what itís called. I was kind of nervous with all the bouncing and water. To compensate I used my thighs to clench the seat. Smaaaaaart. I now have some pretty exciting bruises on my inner thighs.

I think they are exciting anyhow.

Iím lucky to be alive, Iím like a medical miracle.

The sunburn is progressing nicely, no peeling yet, lots of soothing blue aloe lotion being applied. Why is it blue? I donít know, donít care. It feels nice.

I have three jobs now. Thatís right, three. Jealous? Observe:

Monday Ė Thursday, 4pm-2am, I work this data entry style gig
Mon, Wed, Fri, 9a-3p, I work in for this lawyer named after a Cuban dictatator.
Tues, Thurs, 9a-3p, AND Saturday, 9a-6p, I work at a card type shop

Itís all very exciting. Ok, not really, but I am rolling in the dough.

Ok, not really yet either. Yet! I got behind on some (some=lots) of bills and had to catch up. Not with the intention of repairing my credit score (which, still lower than most crack whores), but with the dream of being able to park my car in the same location nightly without worrying it will be repossessed.

And maybe if I save enough money by the end of the year, I can try the whole queen of the clouds, flight attendant thing.


2006-09-06 at 7:05 p.m.