I am working on formatting envelopes for a wedding.

It has to do with a part-time job that I have and I'd really rather not get into it, but it's ALL VERY EXCITING.

Not really though.

Anyhow, the wedding planner sent the excel spreadsheet with all the guest names (250 invitations will be going out, bob knows how many guests that amounts too), but she also included the budget sheet.

This wedding is costing $80,000. $8,000 of that is for the wedding planner herself.

Oh my head.

Do you even know how many burritos $80,000 would buy?

Mmmmmmmm, burrrrrrrrritos.


I have been going to the beach after work all this week just to walk and walk.

And then walk some more.

In case you were thinking of becoming all stalkerish, I go to a different beach every day. I make stalkers work for it, I don't just give it away.

The beach is tourist-y and some cute couple or family always asks me, "would you mind taking our picture?"

I always do, but sometimes, for no apparent reason at all, I want to say no. Or actually say, "yes, I would mind" and just keep walking.

Not because I don't want to take the picture, but I just want to see the kind of reaction I would get.

Kind of like how in the second grade I always used to "accidentally" keep bumping into the Kid Who Freaked Out When Anyone Touched Him.

Sue me, his freak outs were quite entertaining and when you are in the second grade, well you just make your own kind of fun or you sit around and read Hi Hat.

I probably won't turn down any photographic requests on the beach, and instead I will continue running towards large groups of birds on the beach while waving my arms and making bird sounds.

I also enjoy destroying abandoned sand castles by stomping through them.

It makes me feel like Toastcrumbzilla.

2007-09-06 at 2:27 p.m.