Sometimes I wish that people that read my diary and know me in real life would, I donít know, leave a note and say hi. Itís not that I mind - it's a public webspace and anyone that asks I give the address to (and some people that don't) and it's my signature in most of my forum postings - but Iím bored and curious. Deadly combination. I like to think it is someone cool that always had a crush on me, but was too shy to ever say anything. Because that's totally possible. Ok, fine, probably not, but I have plenty of time to create fun scenarios in my own giant head. Way more exciting than working. Way. One of the scenarios involves me wearing an outfit with sequins. Lots and lots of sequins.

I went to look at my new apartment again yesterday. I was worried the landlord may have been really super clever the first time I saw it and vacuumed up any cockroach parts that were around. Luckily it still seemed clean and roach free.

Unlike my current home which, while roach-free, is now housing a lizard. Weíve come to an agreement on his staying at my house: he has agreed not to ever crawl on my face while I am sleeping and lay lizard eggs in my ears and in return, I have offered him the chance to stay in my home rent-free. I think itís a good arrangement.

I have decided to name him Swifty. If you canít name a lizard in your house, whatís the point in even having one? Exactly.

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The Dog remains unimpressed.

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Iím going to the thrift store to buy a new thrifty sofa tonight. Wish me something orange.

2006-03-22 at 11:48 a.m.