Superfun Times

My whole outfit today cost less than $12, thank you Ross and Target clearance racks. My shoes cost $115, but we don’t need to talk about that.

I had to take out approximately 37 bags of garbage today since I slept thru trash day last week. Some were smelling a bit rank. So Siamese Cat is all excited because the front door is open as I run back and forth to the curb with various stages of decaying garbage. Siamese Cat’s lifelong ambition is to escape from the house of horrors where he feels he is being imprisoned against his will. So fat boy runs out the door and under the bushes. Nice. I can’t find his furry fat ass anywhere, so I am walking up and down the sidewalk in my pink gorilla pajama pants calling “Anthony! Anthony!” as that is his real name like some crazy fool. Then the dog runs out followed by Orange Cat who decides that it would be helpful and wise given the situation to eat some leaves. Those are going to look just lovely on my rug later when her regurgitation skills kick in. The dog decides to roll around in a pile of what I can assume from the smell is dead squirrels. I finally give up, pick up Orange Cat who howls like she is being attacked by a rabid marmot, and grab the dog by his collar and head back inside. Inside where Siamese Cat is sitting in the kitchen in front of an empty food bowl that he paws at with his little paw as to say “feed me, feed me”. Sweet mother of ass.


Guess who has a new job? Me!!!!!!! It’s my last week of work here, forever and ever and ever. Yay, superfun times ahead. Superfun.

2005-08-29 at 11:16 a.m.