Stuff and more stuff

I suggest everyone stay away from my Ebay coat I posted yesterday. Yes, I said MY coat. If I find any of you bidding on it, Iím going to hit you in the head with a rock.

A big rock.

Now then.

I have been cleaning out my house. This involves throwing away/donating a lot of crap. I realized I have too much stuff and that makes me nervous. Or it nervouses me as NY would say Ė if you donít understand that reference then you are truly missing an outstanding reality television show.


I donít like to own more than 10 pens at a time because it just seems too excessive. I mean what situation would necessitate the need for 11 or more pens?


I canít stand stuff. And clutter. Especially cluttered stuff. I have a two bedroom two bathroom townhouse with a screened patio. Itís way too much. Currently I am living in just two rooms Ė living and bed. The loft, upstairs master bed/bath havenít been used in a month. Iím thinking about getting rid of the living room furniture Ė sofa and chair because I havenít actually used either of them in months.

Bedroom is just a bed, dresser and nightstand. I like that simplicity. And plants, I love me some plants.

Of course I have to replace them every month or so because I kill them, I am a plague among houseplants.

I still love them.

Was there a point? Possibly, but itís been lost.

Would it be weird if at my new (much smaller) place, when I have people over, if instead of sofa-ish furniture, I had giant pillows sitting on the floor?

I canít tell if I punctuated that sentence correctly or not. Something tells me too many commas were abused.

I think the pillows would be fun, and only slightly slumber party-ish.

2006-03-03 at 9:55 a.m.