Frogs are sticky

Yesterday a frog jumped on me. Again. Only this time it didn't rebound, it stuck to my hip. So I stood there on my front porch, keys in hand, with a frog on my hip. Then I screamed and screamed. Then I did a little shimmy-shimmy and the frog fell off.

After I got in the front door, my roommate casually asked if that was me screaming on the front porch or someone else.

So apparently if I get murdered on the front porch I should NOT count on my roommate to rescue me, but instead I will lie in a pool of my own blood and be partially digested by badgers and bloodsucking armadillos before anyone notices.

I killed the world's largest cockroach this morning. In my livingroom. I took a picture so that everyone knows and sees. Watch this space for a picture tomorrow. If you're into that kind of thing.

Er, whatever- I am going to NY in December - maybe I will see you there. I'll be wearing a lemon yellow hoodie in times square. look for me.

Also, if anyone would like to buy me lunch today, I will french braid your hair for you. Pasta, ok?

I'm having cereal for dinner, but that's really none of your business now is it?

2005-09-22 at 1:54 p.m.