And in other news today . . .

A few years ago this store sold these most amazingly awesome sweater sets. They are 3/4 sleeve in length and have a little clasp closure and a matching adjustable sweatery tank. They are quite dreamy.

I have a fondness for sweater sets and pearls and swirly twirly skirts. June Cleaver is my fashion role model.

Anyhow, sweater sets. I own a set in white, black, tan, and purple. They had a turquoise set at the time, which I did not buy.

I have regretted that decision for the past 5 years! Why? Because of the awesomeness of these sweaters is so awesome. I wear them all the time and they aren't too hot in the summer because they are made of some magic material that prevents hotness. Seriously.

Anyhow, I am bidding on the turquoise set right now on Ebay and if anyone gets in my way . . . well I will do something. I haven't decided what yet.


I still have a sharp pain in my left side. It only hurts when I bend over or attempt to sleep on my left side.

I have decided there is an angry leprachan in my rib cage stabbing me. His name is Stabby Stabberson from Stabbersville.

Stupid stabby leprachauns always stabbing me with their stabby stabbers.

2007-07-17 at 4:21 p.m.