Sporty Snow Drive

It is supposed to SNOW today. That is unfortunate as my friend took my snow-driving-enabled vehicle to Texas and left me with her sporty little sports car. Cute and speedy as it is, it becomes a virtual death trap in the snow.

Oh and um I kind of have had three accidents in the past in this particular sporty little car in perfectly beautiful weather. So it should be a fun drive home, indeed. I'm not going to worry about it. I don't really worry about anything these days now that I have increased my medication. It's quite nice.

Anyhow, I work 25 miles from my home, so should the snow prediction prove true, I see a loooooooooooong drive ahead of me tonight, grrr. . . but when I move at the end of the month I will only be six lovely miles away.

My friend is being induced into labor today. Doesn't that sound unpleasant? They should have come up with an easier way for that whole birthing thing by now. The blessed birth means I get to pick up her dog, which will now be my dog. She gets a baby and I get a dog which I think is wonderful. Her name (the dog that is) is Prada and she is a barky little pomeranian. I plan to dress her in many outfits and teach her how to stop barking quite so much. Suggestions are welcome! Or perhaps being in outfits will make her stop barking?

Very little going on in my life right now. My apartment is filled with boxes that I need to start packing. My cat is angry over her new weight loss cat food and continues to glare at me while I try to sleep. I have been buying items on Ebay indiscriminately. I have been half-assedly looking for a new job as I am somewhat sure my job will be eliminated in March.

Ok, that's about it for today. Oh, found out I am getting Friday off with pay - turns out President Bush has declared it a federal holiday. Well bless that man's dark little furry gorilla heart. Ok, I am going to try and upload pictures of various things and attempt a picture entry next time. Stay tuned.

2008-12-23 at 9:32 a.m.