Yukon, Spare Change, Beaches and Houses

So the past few months, what a blur.

The end of October I was in Atlanta for a show. It went really well. I stayed with friends who let me borrow their car. Their car was a Yukon. I am a girl who has trouble parking a Dodge Neon and I had to drive a Yukon through downtown Atlanta. . . and then in an underground parking garage with VERY low ceilings. Anyhow . . good show, would go back to Atlanta again for that one.

Middle of November was San Francisco. San Francisco sucked. Ok, not really, it is a lovely city. In fact everyone I told that I was going there said things like, “yeah, I always pictured you living there” or “you would fit in really well there”. Stuff like that, whatever it means. Ok, so the show in San Francisco was horrible – all of the vendors did badly. I think it was the location – it was out in an airport hangar on the dock that was tricky to find even in the daylight. So yeah. Oh and I brilliantly rented a cheap rental car ($18 a day!) because I had so much stuff to lug around . . . and parking at the hotel was $25 a day. The hotel was super cute though despite of the world’s most annoying homeless man who stood outside. After the first night of the show, I got back to the hotel around midnight and was starving so I decided to walk across the street to get a sandwich (I often walk around strange cities in the dark, what can I tell you). Anyhow this man was a constant stream of shaking his change cup and shouting “spare change, please, spare change, spare change, pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease, please, please, pleeeeeeeeeeeease”. Dude, come on. I probably would have given him some change if he would have shut up. I know, I am a horrible person, short bus bound for hell.

The sandwich was delicious by the way.

Ok, so Friday I leave for Florida (again). That should be fun. I know Florida. I am staying with friends and frequent flyer mile-ing my ticket, so my only expense is the rental car. . . and parking is free where I am going. Also I plan to spend some time at the beach. As in every spare minute I am not at the show. I am also going to my hair stylist to repair some questionable hair experiments that have been made over the past few months. I just love trying at-home color (the models on the boxes look so pretty!), but never once has it come out well. Never once, yet has it stopped me from experimenting? No, no it has not. However, I am now ready to admit defeat and bring in a professional.

Oh, oh, oh – I bought a house! Ok, I totally did NOT buy a house, but I am renting a house. Buying a house would require me to stay somewhere longer than a year which is a task I have not successfully completed over the past 17 years. But yeah, this is my first house (renting). It is so cute and I was going to post a link here, but it has the address so screw that in case any serial killers are reading. It is small, but with two bedrooms – one will be my office/studio. It also has a huge fenced backyard which is lovely – on mornings when it is 7 degrees I will be able to let my dog do her business and take as long as she likes to find the perfect pee tree. So maybe I will post pictures of it once I move in at the end of the month. . . probably not, but again, you never know.

2008-12-08 at 8:27 a.m.