Space Kleenex

The woman next to me at work is about 120 years old (approximately). She can't hear very well so you really have to shout if you want anything.

Last week, I needed a space heater for my desk since the average office temp is sub-zero. So I said, "Nancy, can I get a space heater?!!!?"

She looked around confused, then got up (slowly) and went to her secret locked supply room.

Seven minutes later she came back with a box of kleenex and said "here you go, sweetie."

Also? She eats green peppers all day at her desk and then she farts. Oh yes, she does.

I don't think she realizes how loud her gas is since she can't hear, but wow.

Just wow.


I miss the beach. Denver has lovely mountains . . . but I want the beach back.

2008-04-15 at 10:58 a.m.