I have discovered the excitement that is cooking with a crockpot. I know, after 33 years, the world still holds some magic. Anyhow, I donít like to cook. I prefer eating out, I find it more fun when someone else makes the food and does the dishes afterwards. Unlike my system, where they sit in the sink for 2-3 weeks, after which time I will contemplate buying new plates because really? So much more enticing, although slightly less economical.

But then the crockpot, I enjoy. I enjoy recipes where the word throw is used in relation to the ingredients. Throw in some carrots. Toss in some rice. Jettison in some noodles. Love it.

Tomorrow, Iím trying soup in the big fun crockpot. I know, soup in Florida? The temperature is dropping down to a bone chilling 70 degrees on Sunday though, so a good hearty soup will be necessary to stave off infections.

Iím going to the grocery store soon to buy ingredients. Hopefully I will not be distracted and wind up buying teeth whitening strips, a large bag of white cheddar Doritos, and some socks.

Sadly, it has happened before. Only like two or seven times though.

2007-04-13 at 10:22 a.m.