Smushy Walls

I am in a new cubicle in a new building through no choice of my own. . . I am kind of like inventory, they just move me wherever.

I am leaving in a little over 12 hours for Florida and have yet to pack anything. I don't see that as being a problem and I need a nap.

I also can't seem to stop ebay-ing today. I just bought a virgin Mary nightlight - justified by the "it was only 99 cents!!!" theory. I'm not even catholic, I just really wanted a virgin Mary nightlight for reasons that at this time I cannot quite articulate . . . but there are reasons, oh yes. I went to Rite-Aid at lunch and bought a Chia herb garden. What the heck is wrong with me? My cat will probably eat all the herbs and vomit in my new shoes . . . that I bought on Ebay.

It must be this new cubicle situation. Going from brown smushy walled cubicle to a grey smushy walled cubicle is very stressful.

If a friend of yours is having a baby and you know how to sew and they ask you to make the baby bedding, say no. A baby crib bumper, ok? How hard could it be, I thought. 16 pieces of material and 16 pieces of batting. Sew each piece of batting to each piece of material, then sew those pieces together, and those sides together, and add decorative stitching. And then???? Add 14 individually sewn ties. I still have to finish the bedskirt and the arm rests for the rocking chair (I finished the cushions last night, whooo) before my ass gets on a plane before as my selfish friend refuses to move the date of the delivery just a few days on my behalf. I will post some pics sometime (I know, I know, I always say this and never do) because despite breaking three sewing machine needles, the baby's room is cute - it is black, white and hot pink. Oh yeah.

I need to go, there is an auction for a pair of mushroom curtains ending soon on Ebay that I might need.

2008-12-11 at 3:22 p.m.