Six Months

Oh my head, how long has it been? Far too long, I know.

So when I last left off, I was starting a new job with a collection agency . . . and now I am 6 months down the road with that job and bored out of my head. Plus the boss is . . . creepy. Anyhow, I have had a couple of interviews for another job.

I used to think it was weird that I could never stay at a job for a year or more without getting bored, but now I figure what the hell, life is short and there are a lot of cubicles out there.

I had an interview today for an executive assistant job. I said the right words about how much I enjoy assisting executives, so that went well. Next week I have an interview for a Senior Secretary position. Senior, that's right, senior.

But you know what, I don't know if I will take either of those jobs because I think I am going to be a toddler teacher.

**Side note: While I do love children, I do NOT want children. Playing with them and working with them is fine, having them in my home is not**

I am going for a second working interview tomorrow at the daycare, so I will get to spend 4 hours with toddlers tomorrow. Oh excitement!!

Daycare obviously does not pay as much as assisting executives, but pfftt, that's ok. I mean I like money, but my needs and bills are simple. Plus I am doing pretty well with selling jewelry at different shows.

So what else is up with me? I walk my dog, love of my life that she is, twice a day. People stop and tell me how pretty she is and ask if they can pet her. It's like having a child, but without the diaper changes or college fund. I eat way too many grapes. I do a bunch of jewelry shows all around the country. I accidentally set a pizza box on fire last week (burning cardboard being one of the harder smells to dispel). I screw around a lot on facebook staring at pictures of people I went to high school with and wondering what happened. I'm taking an Arabic class. I bought some new rollerblades (new implies I had old ones, doesn't it? Well I didn't.) I learned how to take the bus and the light rail - that may not seem too impressive, but I've never used public transportation so I thought it was neat. Now when it snows, I will NOT be driving and having a panic attack. And I can't wait for fall - cinnamon toast and hot chocolate and cool mornings and crunchy orange and yellow leaves and pumpkins!

2009-08-31 at 3:20 p.m.