Shot of Espresso

I never liked coffee. Well I never actually tried it, but I never liked it based on the never trying it.

So . . . guess what? Coffee, not so bad.

See with my three jobs, I needed an alternate energy source, and diet coke was not providing it.

I started off with a pumpkin spice mocha with soy and whip cream. If you say soy and whip cream at Starbucks, they look at you funny. But that's just how I roll.

So then I moved onto pumpkin spice lattes. With soy, no whip. Ok?

Yesterday I am all, "grande pumpkin spice latte with soy, no whip and a shot of espresso" like a pro, right?

And so the girl is all, "you know it already has two shots of espresso in it, right?". Well I did not know this. I mean I've only been a coffee drinker for a short while. Pffffffffttttt,

But not wanting to look a foolish fucktard in front of all the starbuck's hipsters, I was all, "yeah, I know". That is what I said, and I said it with attitude.

That drink. It was a little jolting.

So anyhow, I have been drinking these latte/mocha whatevers for the past few weeks, like two or three a day, right? And so I think well that's not that bad, it's just liquid. Combined with my diet of wheat thins and Easy Mac (another recently discovered awesome food), I am thinking I will be looking all thin in no time. No time at all. Make that Nicole Richie look like such a cow.

Except my pants are kind of tighter today. Ok. And so then I look up the nutritional information on the website for all these coffee things and it is all like 450 calories and all this fat and cellulite grams, and oh my head.

Stupid ass coffee.

So . . . amphetamines?

In other news, my home dsl was shut off. Turns out if you don't pay your bill for 5 months, they get all huffy and turn off your service. Overreact, much?

2006-09-29 at 7:21 p.m.