Setter Hair

Well it snowed today. Isn't it pretty? Oh wait, I'm not posting a picture. Just stare at a sheet of white copy paper and imagine - it's almost like being here with me. I did not wreck the slippy car (although many people did!) so am rather pleased with how this day is turning out. I did slide severely one time, but luckily slid right into a 7-11 parking lot. What the heck, I needed gas anyhow. . . it's like my car knew what to do and nudged me along.

So I have an interview tomorrow from 9:30 to 11:30. Dear sweet bob that length seems uncalled for just to answer questions about my skills (exceptional bladder control) and weaknesses (inability to stop eating wheat thins). They should totally hire me if they are going to keep me that long. I kind of want this job, based on the industry and the pay. . . which is unfortunate because I usually only get the jobs that I don't want (ie this one I currently have). I need to pick an outfit, dum dum da dum. Most of my clothes don't fit so well right now (see the wheat thins weakness above). I am thinking something with black tights (not the crazy colored black, white and pink ones unfortunately). There are only ten people at this company so if they don't like the tights, it's probably not the right job for me. That's where I draw the line. You have to draw it somewhere, you know?

Oh and I must do something with my hair to distract from the color. It was a vibrant burgundy, but has faded to the color of an irish setter's ass. . . it's much less lovely than you might imagine.

2009-01-12 at 11:28 a.m.