Sausage Slice

Dear Diary,

I don't like my new job too much. I know, I know, it's only been a couple of weeks. Here's the thing though: I miss being unemployed. There, I said it. Sure, everyone here at my job is nice enough in that beige cubicle-y office kind of way, but I 've tasted freedom, the sweet freedom of unemployment. Now having a job doesn't taste as sweet. I'll be honest, it tastes a little chalky. I miss sitting at home with my cats and dog while wearing my giant pink elastic waist-banded shorts (so I couldn't tell how much weight I was gaining), taking naps in the afternoon, making jewelry, reading books and magazines, going to the dog park, walking on the beach while all the other job-having people were busy having jobs, eating giant boxes of wheat thins (hence the need for the giant pink shorts as the name thin in the title of the food does not in fact make you thin), sewing weird stuff, and just . . . everything. You would think that not having a paycheck would have been a downer, but you'd be all kinds of wrong. At least three-four kinds of wrong.

Whoa is me, I have a job. Pity me.

I have to get back to putting formulas in an excel spreadsheet now. You know last month at this time I was probably taking a nap. I'm just saying.

Oooh, but the good news - because I'm now feeling half-full glass kind of girly - is that a supersize JoAnn's store is close to my job. At lunch, I am going to go buy some stuff to modge podge the crap out of tonight while watching the finale of Making the Band. Way more effective use of my time than say studying for my physics final.

2005-12-08 at 10:34 a.m.