Glue Smells Pretty

You know who I used to like? Gwen Stefani. You know who I donít like so much anymore? Gwen Stefani. Shock. I mean sheís singing about bananas. And Shit. What the heck? Plus the whole surrounding herself with tiny Asian girls? Weirdness. You know who I do really like? Kelly Clarkson. There, I said it, no shame. I donít even know why they have that American Idol crapfest anymore, they already found the idol, itís Kelly! I donít even care if itís not cool to like her, because I do, I really, really do. Her new cd? I really, really like it. A lot. So much so that I play it all the time AND sing along with it. Howís that for embarrassing information? There are a few songs on there Iím not too crazy about Ė particularly the ones where she seems to be channeling Shania Twain Ė but for the most part, love it. The whole cd is about somebody doing poor Kelly wrong. My favorite Ė because you are dying to know Ė is track #4. I donít remember the name of the song, but itís something about sidewalks and I have a deep love of sidewalks, so there you go. That concludes Toastcrumbís musical recommendation for the day.

Last night was a retail night. I arranged all the Dockers pants by size and according to if they were flat front or pleated. Within pleated, there are cuffed or not cuffed. Within flat front, there are regular and flat front with a stowaway pocket. My god this is fascinating Toastcrumbs, tell us more! Hereís the sad part: no one asked me to arrange these pants, I just thought, hey, pants, how fun! I attacked the project with the singlemindedness of a meth addict on a three day binge. Be impressed.

My other hobby is making bracelets out of resin. Again, be impressed.

Itís hard to get a good picture since they are so shiny, but there you go. If I donít get into graduate school, as you can see, I have a good Plan B in place Ė make stuff out of glue. Lots and lots of stuff. I canít see any problems with this plan. None at all.

Every night after work, Iíve been going to the beach to walk. Because I live in near a beach, I can do stuff like that, beach walking. Itís really cool since almost no one goes to the beach on weekday evenings, you can just walk for miles and miles along the water at sunset. I look at the sand and shells, and you know what I think? I think, hmmm, I wonder how that would look in resin? I need to step away from the glue, the fumes may be affecting my brain.

2005-05-19 at 10:42 p.m.