Piles of Crap

I decided to clean out my closet and drawers which involves dumping everything into a large pile in the middle of the floor and then separating the piles into piles of piles of stuff or other stuff. Follow? Itís amazing the amount of crappy stuff piles I have compared to the less crappy stuff piles. Somehow it seems I also own 2,374 pens. Hell if I can actually find one when I need to write down important information, like the phone number for ordering the Ronco food dehydrator or Darrenís Dance Grooves dvd. Now Iíll never learn the nísync steps while eating dried papaya.

After all the pile sorting, I decided I have way too much stuff, that I need to simplify, be able to move easier, be free, fit all my possessions in one suitcase. Or 7-8 suitcases, same difference. You know what that means Ė Ebay. Yes, selling the possessions on Ebay. Hereís the bad part about that: when Iím bored, I check the status of my auctions. Since I am at work that means I check the status approximately every 37 seconds.

Here is just an example of the cool stuff I am getting rid of, prepare to be amazed:

Itís not one, but two cd holders shaped like animals. Oh. Wow. It gets better because the cat? Has a tail. Shut up.

Why have I allowed myself to own stuff like this? I just donít know, I just donít know. I mean I paid actual money for these things. New! Not only did I pay money for these, but when I moved across the country I packed these in my car. For serious.

Crazy crunchy celery.

2005-09-21 at 1:06 p.m.