There is not too much going on here.

I flew to Tampa last week and then drove a car back to Denver. That would be the fourth time in a year that I have driven the Tampa to Denver route and you know what? Kansas becomes longer each time. Seriously, that state kicks my ass.

I was housesitting for a friend this weekend that has a giant big screen tv and cable. There was kind of a 90210 marathon on this weekend and well I lost track of 52 hours of my life. These things happen.

It snowed today. I'm not too happy with that situation. One day I will learn to control the weather with my mind. Not today, but one day. Wait and see.

I am working part-time with toddlers and it turns out I love little kids. Who knew? I don't want one coming out of me or living in my home, but other than that? They are much fun. I am also the fastest diaper changer you will ever meet in your life.

For my real life, full-time job, I work for the government. I have a cubicle (as always) and access to a supply cabinet filled with boxes of tissues and post-its. I can't talk too much about it or I might need a nap.

I have an interview this week with the Peace Corps Interview Dude. Wish me luck with that one.

Sometimes I wish I had worked harder at my dream of owning a hamster.

2008-03-31 at 11:01 a.m.