I Love Pancakes

Behold! Paco the Roach.

See? See!! I have got to get out of Florida.

I was going to put a quarter next to Paco for size comparison, but even though he was covered in a bottle of Raid, there is a possibility he could have come back to life and I would have just given him a weapon. A quarter to the eye could really sting.

By the way, Raid? Awesome. Gosh, the range on that stuff is outstanding. The stream, not the spray, just don't shake it first and you get this beautiful and far-reaching stream of deadly, yet sweet smelling toxic poison. I could thoroughly and completely write my name in the snow with Raid.

Some of you might have seen bigger bugs, roaches or gerbils. You know why that doesn’t matter? Because this is the roach that was in my house, filthing up the place with his filthy filth and that makes all the difference.

Did you know these things can fly? The things they leave off of the travel brochures . . .

My new boss thinks I am mildly retarded. Excuse me, special. I am just guessing based on the way she speaks to me – really, really slowly with detailed explanations. How to make coffee became a one hour how-to demonstration. I’m not going to do anything to change her impression though. Tard Toast is having a blast.

See you on the short bus.

2005-09-23 at 10:13 a.m.