One thing I really liked about being in the navy? All the super cute outfits.


It was great because there were no decisions to make, they just told you what outfit to wear. Every day. Plus? All the outfits came with these really great matching hats, shoes and purses.

Even earrings. Silver balls with working blues, white pearls with whites. Officers, special as they were, could wear gold balls. Pfft, everyone knows gold balls are for whores.

Well now that I am remembering back a bit, there really was just one purse and it was ass ugly, but whatever.

Thursdays we always had to wear our working whites uniform at school. Why? It's the military silly rabbit, don't ask questions.

The working whites pants were quite poorly designed in that they were almost transparent. Guys loved working whites Thursdays because they would spend it playing Spot-the-thong game with the girls.


I wore white bike shorts under my pants thank you very much.

And we're walking . . .

2008-04-10 at 2:33 p.m.