Just One Thing

Monday morning and no apology from my boss. Shocking, shocking. Except not. He’s out of town until next Monday (yes!). I think I shall give my two weeks notice upon his return. I may change my mind or lose my nerve by next Monday (the idea of not having a paycheck is somewhat scary. Or is it scarier to have a job that makes me feel sick just thinking about it?). Wish me luck.

Worked with Chris who is 387 years old (in my estimation) at Dullard’s all day Saturday. I was tempted to hold a mirror under his nose at times to determine if he was actually alive. Eight hours of selling ties and underpants, fun times.

Watched “The Jacket”. Was . . . not bad. Better than “The Butterfly Effect”, but kind of the same premise.

Searching for jobs online this morning. Am applying for jobs that would mean a 40% pay cut – am that ready to get out of here.

Trying to think of one exciting thing that happened this weekend to write about . . . coming up blank.

2005-08-08 at 9:18 a.m.