October 18th

Last night, I found that a 32-pack of crayons, a mermaid coloring book, an iPod, and a large bottle of (cheap) wine make a great combination for a flaming fireball of fun kind of night.


I need to find my own place soon. I have been living with friends since the beginning of August, but it's time to go.

They. Are. So. Messy!!!!!

Seriously, they never put anything away - shoes are everywhere, mail is thrown down after it is opened, dishes sit piled in the sink for a week, laptops are left on the floor.

Please don't get me started on the stuff. . . I am a very simple, clean, no-clutter kind of girl. I hate, hate, hate most knick knacks of any kind. My friend has a curio cabinet. A curio cabinet??? For what? Well more stuff, naturally.

There are about 37 decorative, itchy, poky throw pillows on the two couches. There is a giant printer, still in the box, that has been sitting in the livingroom for over two weeks. It sits next to another giant printer that doesn't work. There are closets full of clothes that are no longer worn. There are boxes of stuffed animals (why???). There are boxes in the dining room and living room that have not yet been unpacked (they moved in last March).

I spend a lot of time at the gym lately, mainly because I don't want to be at that apartment surrounded by all the crap. Also? The showers at the gym are cleaner.

Most nights for dinner I have an exciting turkey wrap. The ETW, as I have named it. It involves a whole wheat tortilla, turkey - and here's the exciting part - hot pepper jack cheese. Excited, aren't you??? I know, right?

Last night, I was in the mood for pasta. Not was exciting as the old ETW, but nonetheless. Could not find one clean pan. Not one. And? The sink was piled so high with gross, festering dishes and pots that there wasn't even enough room to clean one.


Ok, enough about the living situation.


I'm trying to decide if I still want to move to Denver. . . I was thinking that Memphis looks really nice and it is close to Graceland. It seems to be pretty cheap too. Or Boca Raton, still in Florida, but more old people. Who doesn't love old people? I know I do. They like to play checkers and well, bring it on. I'll probably stick with Denver. I like the mountains and granola.


Some guy followed me home last night and yelled at me. He said I should slow down that I almost killed him and his son (some gross, drooling baby he had strapped to the back of his bike in one of those death seats). I said, "Sorry, but the speed limit was 30 and I was only going 25."

Btw, I came nowhere near hitting this guy. I saw him and gave him plenty of room. Him and his lethargic, potato-shaped baby.

He said, "Don't be sorry, do something about it".

Umm, ok. So I said, "Florida law states that cyclists should ride with traffic, not against traffic like you were, so maybe you should do something about it".

He didn't much like that, but whatever dude and started yelling some more. Geeeeeeez, overreact much?


I wonder if it is too early to eat wheat thins? Noooo, it's never to early for that action.

2007-10-18 at 8:32 a.m.