New Year 2005

Sorry to neglect you Diaryland!

Had a fun christmas - so much fun that I forgot to take my anti-sad pills for a couple days. Restarted a new kind of pretty little pill the doctor gave me after feeling the crushing weight of the world upon my head and making a rather bad decision. Took almost a whole week in bed before they took effect though. Bah.

I have stopped crying at all of the Animal Planet shows, so I think that's an improvement. I mean honestly.

Let's just say I won't be making that mistake anytime soon.

I made some new jewelry that you should check out. The links over somewhere on the right or try pasting this into your browser because I can't make a link - shocking with my kick ass html skills.

My new boss wants us to wear shirts that say "Team Administration" on the back. I suggested shortening it to TA, but that suggestion was ignored.

I did have to change my shirt this morning. In front of my boss. We were cleaning the stock room and got all dirty (jealous of my job, aren't you). I said hey, why don't we just change into some of the promotional shirts, thinking that was such a swell idea and why don't we go into the bathroom for that? And ok, well technically I didn't have to change in front of her, but she was changing her shirt before the words were even out of my mouth - giant boobs (luckily restrained in the confines of a giant bra), and well, what was I supposed to do, act like a prude? So I did it super-quick, like a super hero, Changing Girl! I mean if your boss whips off her shirt in front of you, what can you do but join in?

2005 in Review

# of times Orange Cat threw up: Indeterminate
# of times Siamese Cat ate a lizard: 37
# of times butt nuggets had to be removed from Siamese Cat's fat ass: 1 (thank Bob)
# of times Siamese Cat got into an altercation with bathmat and had to be extricated: 498
# of jobs held: 5
# of jobs fired from: 1 (bastards)
# of jobs I actually liked: Hmmm
# of wheat thins consumed: 374,985 (unfortunately the name is deceiving as wheat thins do not in fact make you thin - deceptive bastards)
# of times lost keys: 364
# of hamsters owned: 0 (but that will soon change, oh yes indeed)
# of cars owned: 2 (but had to give the new one back - apparently it's not okay to lie on credit applicaitons. who knew?)
# of days exercised: 3?
# of fruits and vegetables consumed: 3?
# of hours of reality television watched: 74,389
# of relationships not ended: 1

Happy Stinkin' New Year!

2006-01-02 at 9:27 a.m.