It's a mystery

I only have 11 more working days at my job!

It's quite a good thing too because I would likely go broke from continuing to work here.

You see the only way to get myself up out of bed in the morning is to tell myself, "Toast, you can go shopping at lunch if you get your fat butt out of bed right now!" And I'm all, "ok, I'll do it!"

So I go to the Dollar Store. Actually there are two, the regular one and The World's Most Unusual Dollar Store. Seriously, that is what it says on their banner. It smells like mothballs and carries a wide variety of items, like Virgin Mary wallets, flags of Mexico, buddha statues, bb guns and underpants.

Or I go to Walgreen's. I usually buy Easy Mac, lip gloss, tights, and a magazine. Once in a while I will buy diet pills or vitamins if I am feeling particularly frisky. Usually I order my diet pills online though because frankly I quite prefer the ones with dangerous ingredients that make my heart race like a rabbit. Eh, whatev.

Today I went to Target to exchange a jumper that was too big. It was quite exciting - actually having a purchased piece of clothing be too large. But that was it, I was to exchange the jumper and be done because there was nothing else that I needed.

So I did just that. . . and also spent $73 in the process.

How? Well some things in this world just defy explanation.

2007-12-04 at 2:33 p.m.