McNuggets of Happiness

I have given it a lot of thought and after much soul searching I have decided that I really want McDonaldís for lunch. I think I can make that dream a reality. Chicken mcnuggets. I am the worst vegetarian ever. In my defense though I have some serious doubts that chicken mcnuggets actually contain chicken. They are just too tasty and magical.

Ok, that ends my ode to the nugget.

Next week I am off Thursday and Friday Ė from BOTH jobs. Let me say that again, off from BOTH jobs. So if it was next Wednesday I would be pretty excited right about now. Too bad it is this Wednesday and I only feel mildly twinkly.

You know how some people say itís not really the heat but the humidity? I disagree with that, I mean what in the cow are those fools talking about? I think itís the heat AND the humidity. And also the humidity AND the heat.

Good news, the interview yesterday? Yes, well they just called and told me that I am their number ONE choice. Yes, thatís right, number one. Mmm hmm. Sweaty Pit Girl rocks the house down.

The bad news is that this job pays less than what I make now by about 20 percent. Also I wouldnít be able to keep my Dullardís job to supplement the difference because of the hours. However . . . I am miserable here at my job, I may have mentioned that one or 374 times. I could live on less money, just make some sacrifices. Like do I really need electricity?

Completely unrelated, but Iím looking for a lampwork bead making class in the Tampa area (or Florida, heck the state isnít that big). I just think they look really cool, and working with fire and glass looks way fun. So if you know of any, let me know.

2005-08-17 at 1:44 p.m.