In an effort to help all of us poor souls who are about to be laid off, management is doing things like sending us cheery and oh-so-helpful e-mails with subjects like "Job Fairs and How to Make Them Work for You". Pshh, if they work for me, do I have to pay them?

Yes, exactly.

They also encourage us to apply for jobs within the g0vernment (as if we would be working as contractors if we had one of those, durrr). An indirect supervisor of mine (is there any better kind?) forwarded me a vacancy announcement for a human resources assistant which he said would be "absolutely to die for perfect for me". I've said hi to this man maybe three times in the year I have worked here, but apparently he knows my idea of perfection.

I do give a good wave.

Anyhow, I figured why not and filled out the application and hit submit before I realized it was for a position in Boise. As in Idaho. What the hell? Apparently this supervisor man looked at me and just knew of my deep and abiding affection for all things potato and deemed that I would like to begin a new life in the land of the Almightly Potato.

Actually I kind of would . . . but I just signed a lease, so I will have to live here for a year. I will hold tight onto the Potato Dream though! Someday it may become a reality.

2009-01-22 at 9:58 a.m.