Looking Good

Beer, sangria, and tequila shots. These things are a volatile combination, easy on the throat and will give the liver quite a little kick on a Monday night.

A few blanks occur here. Names may have been changed to protect, well, me. Singing “Sweet Caroline” with a lemon slice in my mouth. Learning that lemon juice in your eye burns. A lot. Running into a tree, and then yelling at said tree. Damn nature. Discussing the vocal stylings of Britney Spears. What? The Teen Choice awards were on the tv over the bar.

This guy who had this really irritating touching thing going on. What do I mean by that? Okay, I'm not against being touched. Ask anybody. Okay, not anybody who actually knows me, but, you know, nevermind. But if you’ve just met me, and are constantly touching my arm or my hair this is not at all appealing to me. Totally unacceptable behavior.

Deciding it would be a good idea to have something pierced. Don’t worry, that idea fell through. I think I was distracted by a bright, shiny object.

Freaking out because I couldn’t find my life line on my palm. Turns out I was looking at the wrong side of my hand.

I got home somehow. I don’t remember actually walking home, but suddenly there I was. I declared my undying love and devotion for the sofa and promptly passed out on that beautiful sofa. My roommate for all her faults, gained some points by waking me up this morning at 7:15 and asking me if I was going to go to work and handing me a glass of water – I have to be at work at 7:30 by the way. Of course, she then went back to bed causing me to try and be passive/aggressively loud by banging cabinet doors which in turn only caused me to cringe and made my head hurt more. Not fair.

So yeah, I’m looking pretty good today, pretty good indeed. My boss has asked me to compile data for the last 10 years on the number of instructors for courses, averaging the number of teachers in the morning and afternoon and do something (make a chart?) or some such craziness. I’m just so not up for that kind of activity today.

2002-08-20 at 8:53 a.m.