Like, like, like, like, like. LIKE. Thought you deserved a little “Like” in your life. My life is, like, full of them. I am surrounded by people who feel the need to use that word constantly. Suddenly everything becomes a simile: It was like, he was like, then I was like, etc. My friend C came up to me this morning first thing and launched into a boring story that began with, “So I was, like, at the mall last night . . .” Hmmm C, so it was as if you were at the mall, but not really at the mall, is that what you are telling me? Here’s a thought - if you can take the word “like” out of a sentence and the basic sentence meaning remains unchanged, you probably can stop using it. Like right now. I have several Likers in my life. I used to be plagued with the You Knowers (and to a lesser extent the You Know What I Meaners) – equally annoying in their own way - but right now I seem to have mainly Likers. I also have one Oh My Godder (where every sentence starts off with “oh my god!”). If you have to listen to Likers all day as I do, I feel your pain. If you are a Liker, here is my advice: Stop it, stop it right now, and stop it.

I will update later with pictures of fascinating animals I took this weekend at Busch Gardens (including three shots of pidgeons. Calm down.) Here’s a brief list of my vacation activities:

- Beer

- Seeing a cat on a leash

- Being yelled at by a waitress for ordering ranch dressing –the waitress’s name? same as my psycho ex-coworker #1, go figure. Just thought I’d throw that out there since she is my daily reader, hi!

- Getting stuck on and evacuated from a roller coaster.

- Missing Beer School – and thus not getting the much desired Certificate of Beer School – due to being stuck on above roller coaster.

- Spending waaaaaaaaaaaaaay too much money at Target.

- Overdrawing my checking account by several hundred dollars due to the fact that it takes out of state checks five days to clear and how the heck was I to know this?

- New shoes

- Accidentally closing visiting friend’s fingers in power windows

- Beer

2005-03-10 at 8:48 p.m.