Life Aquatic

Ok then.

Yes, I am locked.

No, it is not permanent.

Yes, I was fired from my job.

No, it was not for failing the drug test.

No, it was not for having sex on the conference room table.

Yes, it was for diaryland. Oh the shame. Why couldn't it have been having sex on the conference room table while doing lines off of the company manual?

No, they did not have to give me warning. It was during my probationary period and I failed the probation.

No, I'm not upset.

No, I'm really not.

Thank you for all the cool notes.

Slush God help me, my first thought was, "yes, I should move back to Kansas" which was quickly followed by my second thought of "I better start drinking more, right now".

Lana your basement sounds awesome, but I don't think my car could handle .0001 inches of snow. I don't want to die in a Dodge Neon, that is just not how I picture myself going out of this world.

Everyone else, you rock! But I have to go because Dawson's Creeks is on and I think Pacey and Joey are going to do it.

2005-10-08 at 10:36 a.m.