I was having some doubts about leaving my job as my new job pays less, about 20% less, or roughly around $5,000 per year less. All the math geniuses out there can use that info to figure out what I was making versus what I am going to be making. Anyhow.

This morning, Boss Man comes up to me and says why has his Amex bill not been paid. Heavy sigh. This was the bill that generated all his snotty e-mails. I said that I had told him about this and that he needed to approve it. So when did I tell him? Twice over the phone and in FOUR e-mails. He says how come I did not come into his office and tell him in person? He said it kind of whiny too. And a little bit constipated-ly.

I said I promised to do that in the future. Sucker, itís my last day! Itís a hollow victory, but I shall take it.

2005-09-02 at 8:53 a.m.