This girl and this girl inspired me to share a rhyme from my childhood, enjoy:

Listen, listen!
The catís pissiní
Where, where?
Over there, on the chair
Run, run, get the gun
Heís all done

Could have been kind of violent I suppose if the cat wasnít such a quick pisser.

I finally went kayaking this past weekend, and unlike last time, no hurricane, so score. I was supposed to go with this guy, I shall call him Jackass, but he decided to leave the state. Goddamit. No matter, my roommate took his place. We tried a tandem kayak, but it turns out we arenít good at teamwork. Actually we are probably ok, but the Hillsborough river is filled with about 397 trees from the hurricanes last year. We hit approximately 396 of those trees. I was in the front of the kayak, so luckily my face took most of the branch impact. There are alligators in the river, and when we spotted the first one, my friend grabs the camera and leaves me in charge of paddling the boat Ė so naturally I ram us right into the log the alligator is sitting on. He is all screw that and jumps off in the water, whereupon my other friend in her single kayak freaks out and starts paddling away Ė that was the last we saw of her until we reached the dock.

So sadly no alligator pictures, but here is a picture of a turtle. Be amazed.

I overslept this morning. Conscious choice on my part. I rolled into my desk at around 9:45. No one even noticed.

I have an interview on Thursday, actually my third interview for the same position so I am hoping for a job offer. Itís at the same company, just another department, better job type of thing. My embarrassing confession is that I really want this job, I think I could be really good at it. Oh yeah, it pays lots more money too. Not that Iím into that sort of thing of course.

Other than that, not too much is happening. I have become addicted to making resin bracelets. My entire house is covered in ice cube trays, glue, and pictures in various stages of solidifying. Iíll honestly want to clean my kitchen, but then some rip in the time space continuum causes me to spend 10 straight hours sitting and cutting little pictures out of magazines and experimenting with new types of containers while watching the most horrifying MTV reality shows ever made. The chemicals in the resin could be contributing to this problem as well. Of course, the most challenging part is keeping cat hair out of drying projects.

Speaking of . . . the most exciting part of the day for the cats is when the window is opened. I thought it would be cool if I bought them a nice cat tower so they could look out the window all day. I mean shoot, if I were a cat, I would want to be up on one of those, wouldnít you? Here it is, and this is the one and only time the cats used it, and only used it then because outside the window there was a dead bird flopping all over the fire escape.

After that, the tower was never used again. I donít know, it must have went bad, kind of like the ancient Indian burial ground in Pet Semetary. It happens. Anyhow, here is where they can be found (ie anywhere I do not want them to be). They look squished here because when resizing, I must have hit the squishification button. See how you imboost your wordage reading my diary?

Edge of the seat excitement building up . . . here is what happens when the window is opened, a brief yet impressive show of feline solidarity.

Doesnít last too long though . . . donít adjust your eyes, these are just really crappy quality pictures.

And the winner of Window Smackdown 2005 is . . . Fat Head Siamese Cat.

Ok, thatís all Iíve got for today. I promise to stop adding 37 pictures every entry in approximately six weeks when my gold membership runs out.

2005-04-06 at 11:31 p.m.