Kansas CD Player

Someone broke into my car last night and stole some cdís (they left behind a few), my cd player, a map of Kansas (Missouri and Florida inexplicably were left behind), and an organic chemistry textbook. My purse was sitting behind the seat, but that didnít get taken. I really am going to miss my cd player. No wait, I already miss my cd player. It wasnít even a nice cd player, it was a $20 plug into the cassette player with the car adapter and plug into the cigarette lighter for power type cd player. It was mine though! The police didnít seem to helpful about the whole situation, they didnít issue an APB for my stuff or anything like they do on Law & Order episodes, they just made me sign a bunch of paperwork and gave me a cup of coffee and a pop tart. Thatís not bringing back the music! I miss Lenny Briscoe so much right now. So much. With all the clues I gave them, obviously the thieves are well on their way to the Midwest, listening to Broadway musical soundtracks while performing electrophilic addition to alkene equations. How hard is it to find them with that spot-on information?

I had a dream about my stupid car last night, that the front of it fell off. The whole front, hood tires, just popped off. Sadly I donít think thatís outside the realm of possibility. I hope it doesnít come true like that other dream I had, the one where I fell out of a hot air balloon and died. Well I mean, a week after I had that dream, I fell out of bed and bruised my knee, so thatís almost the same thing as a premonition. Itís a powerful gift.

I had breakfast at the Cracker Barrel this morning to recover from the whole being burgled fiasco (plus am taking the day off which involves napping and swimming, not necessarily at the same time). Get this, Cracker Barrel doesnít have hash browns, they have a hash brown casserole which is hash browns soaked in a pound of orange cheese product. Ew. If you order scrambled eggs, they ask if you want cheese added. Also if they ask you what side of meat you want, and you say no meat, they look at you like you might be insane. I highly recommend it. Overall, they have a very meat-intensive menu. One breakfast comes with sausage, ham and bacon Ė all different parts of a pig on the same plate, how fun. What a magical animal. I think it is Burger King that has a new triple burger or some such insanity. The commercial really scares me. At least Cracker Barrel allows me to order off of the childrenís menu Ė which is really a just normal adult size portion Ė unlike some restaurants that rhyme with TGIFridays. Seriously last Saturday I tried to order a grilled cheese of the kidís menu there and the waitress said, ďIím sorry, I canít give that to you.Ē Rock the customer service.

If you tell an acquaintance how your cd player was stolen and that if they bought you an iPod you would feel better (jokingly),and then they actually buy you an iPod, what is your obligation to this person? Just a hypothetical question. Also Iím not giving the iPod back to him because it is the coolest thing I have ever owned in my life and Iím even including the time I owned two hamsters.

2005-05-25 at 12:43 p.m.