This Show Makes the Little Baby Jesus Cry

Before my entry, check out my JEWELRY.

Good, now that that’s out of the way . . .

Last night I discovered modge podge and lost about 2 hours of my life. In a good, glue-y kind of way though.

Except one bad thing happened.

I had the tv on and I couldn’t change the channel since my remote control has been stolen. Yes, stolen. See it’s impossible that I have lost another remote control, I refuse to accept that reality, so the only logical explanation is that it’s been stolen.

Right then.

7th Heaven was on the tv. Ok, who knew this show was still on? Or that Haylie Duff was on it? Somehow after not seeing this show for five or so years, I was able to catch onto the complex plot.


Simon is all grown up and has an annoying girlfriend that . . . oh who cares.

I don’t know what happened to the two older kids. They probably have one of those things in their hands that changes from green to red when they reach a certain age. That doesn’t really explain why Lucy is still there though.

Again with the so not caring.

Ruthie (Chipmunk Cheeks) is apparently headed for a career as a stripper, as she was dancing around her room like she needed a pole. Bad. (But whatever that music was she was playing was sweet – it went dooo doo dddoooo dooooo doo – anyone know what that is? Because I do have a pole). Then her dad walks in and she is still dancing like she has a sparkly g-string filled with singles staring ahead with her dead eyes. Geez.

Then the twins, I don’t know their names, so they shall be Daryl and Daryl. I think the Daryls were trying to dance, but it looked like they had rigor mortis/seizures. Then these two creepy little blonde twins showed up and there was jerking all about.

Oh at this dance, Rev Cam is playing in his band (just like Uncle Jesse and the Rippers!) "Spirit in the Sky!" Seriously cool. Ruthie is still shaking her money maker to this obviously non-stripperish song, in front of her parents at the church social. Her parents are looking at her all “why the hell is our daughter dancing like a ho at church?”

What else? The Duff. Apparently pregnant because on this show sex before marriage always equals pregnancy. The Duff’s boyfriend (one night stand?), I think he’s still in high school and Ruthie thinks he’s sexy. Then again I think Ruthie thinks her dad is sexy judging by the way she was dancing for him, so let’s not go by her.

Also someone please send me a universal remote control so that I never have to watch this show again.

2005-12-06 at 8:41 a.m.