So . . .

I went out with Don the Dillard's Sleeze. He wore me down. Actually that's not true. If you must know, I went out with him because he offered to buy me dinner.

Look, I'm underemployed and free food is free food. So what if I didn't tell him that I don't swing his way. Because hello, free food. I'm not easy, just cheap.

At the end, he was all, "what, don't I even get a hug?".

I offered him a handshake.

What? I have nice hands.

Anyhow, Don the Dillard's Skeeze has asked out every woman at Dillard's. You know what else? Don the Dillard's Skeeze makes LOTS and LOTS of money at his other job, he just took the job at Dillard's as a way to meet women.

Tell me that's not skeezy. Talk to me somebody.

What I won't go through for a chicken fingers basket.

I have to go now, I want to rent some South Park dvd's and buy a big bag of nacho chips.

2005-11-01 at 3:43 p.m.