Improved Flavor

I had to go to the pet store to buy food for my fat orange cat today. She gets the $10 a bag food while I get the $1 dollar store toothpaste.

I got her the usual kind/flavor/brand, but apparently it now has a NEW AND IMPROVED FLAVOR. Really?

How do they know it is improved?

I mean you can ask a cat, but they will just lie to you. Seriously. My cat is always telling me she wants to go outside, going "mreoooooooow, oh my good lord, open the door right now or I will die of anticipation!"

As soon as I open the door, she looks at me (and I think laughs) and walks away from the door.

Cats are filthy liars filthing up the world with their filthy cat lies.

Even if a cat could tell the truth, how would they know it's an improved flavor? My cat licks her own butt.

I think once you've gone down the butt licking road of life, things like flavor become less important.

Maybe there is some guy somewhere that has the job of tasting cat food.

I wonder if that job offers good benefits.

p.s. Stay away from the cheese crackers at the Dollar Tree. They come in the box that looks exactly like cheez-its. Heck, even the crackers look like cheez-its. They tasted exactly like Ivory soap. So unless you are into soapy crackers, back up. That concludes my culinary recommendations for the day.

Easy Mac rules!!

2007-11-28 at 1:33 p.m.