I don't do mornings

So tonight is the premiere of Lost. That's fun. Too bad I have to work tonight, but can watch it tomorrow online. I guess it's just as well since my tv picks up only about four channels and the channel Lost is on comes in super duper fuzzy and sizzly.

I have not heard anything about the job I interviewed for last week. That is not fun.

I miss my dog a lot when I am work during the day. I am a bit jealous of her too, how she gets to sleep all day and watch tv (I leave it on for her) and how she can just wake up and her hair looks so perfect and not at all poofy and tilted to the left like mine.

I think I am going to try and work on jewelry this week. I have my studio all set up, but as yet have not made any use of it.

My boss depresses me. She is wearing a sweater with cats knit onto it and a pair of stirrup pants. People who work for the g0vernment in general have no fashion sense it seems. One day my boss lady wore a Garfield sweatshirt that had a picture of Garfield (no lie, THE Garfield) that proclaimed "I don't do mornings". This ensemble was completed with a hair scrunchie. It's so odd too because some of these people make well over 100k per year which you think would mean that they could have invested in some clothes after 1984.

La la la.

2009-01-21 at 9:16 a.m.