Ice, Beer, and Mold

We had a snow/ice storm last month. I didn’t take it too seriously when I heard a snow storm was coming – I mean it is Atlanta after all, how bad could it be? This is the south, right? Pshaw.

Well it was bad.

Day 1 – No pictures. Picture me sleeping in with my dog, watching Netflix and looking out the window at the snow thinking how neat it is because I really did not expect to see it again after leaving Denver. Snow day, no work, this will be awesome!

Day 2 –Still happy to be missing work, but wishing it would stop snowing. The awesomeness is fading. Decided to walk across street to Starbucks. Took 20 minutes due to ice. Starbucks was closed. Sacre bleu! Return home, frozen and uncaffeinated, to dog and more Netflix. Wonder how long this snow can last. Find these pictures online of what is happening in the area.

Be thankful decided not to pursue career as truck driver. Go take a nap.

Day 3 – This day was the breaking point. The awesome is so over. Have watched 5 seasons of Bones in three days. I knew there was a gas station half a mile down the street from my apartment and thus the plan began. Three straight days stuck in my apartment and I decided that I really needed beer so I put on my giant furry hat with the earflaps (that ties under my chin!) and used my broom handle as a walking stick to navigate the ice and procured my beer. This picture below is after I had the beer in hand (yay!) and various snacks, leading up to my apartment three days after the storm. These cars had been here for probably three days. I’m not sure what the people in the street were doing, possibly looting the cars. I didn’t stop to ask, I was on a mission.

This is my dog wondering why she is not sinking into the snow. It's like that episode of Arrested Development where Tobias is on fire and cannot sink into the pool. Decide to go in and watch Arrested Development and drink beer.

Day 4 - Cars still litter the road to my apartment. Marginally hungover. Decide to walk to work as it is the first day the office is open and am tired of being in my apartment. I work 1.2 miles away, took me 83 minutes to get there. Wore the earflappy hat and used the broom handle walking stick method to skate my way there. Were only 2 other people in office. Went in other offices that had candy dishes and had a sugar high all day. Got home to walk dog. The ice was slightly melty enough for my dog to fall through the ice every third step and that created a whole new set of problems.

The entire situation created this next reaction.

Day 5 – Any melting had refrozen overnight. Contemplated driving to work. Watched people spinning around on very busy road, decided walking would be better. Again with earflaps and the big stick. Weatherman promises 40 degrees tomorrow. Realize it is a sad day when I get excited about 40 degree temperatures. Really need to step up the moving to Florida planning.

Day 6, here is me, deciding 22 degrees in the morning is a fine temperature for a walk. You can’t tell, but I have on 3 shirts under my jacket and 2 pairs of pants under my track pants. Layering is job one with me and it’s a job I take seriously. Opt for the marshmallow hat over the earflap hat for today.

And thus ends Icepacolypse 2011. Thanks for coming along for the ride.

I did manage to make some jewelry in between the netflixing and the beer drinking. Behold:

You can see more at the website if you are so inclined.

Oh and I almost forgot the best thing ever happened last week. So last week my landlord comes over to ask if she can walk my dog (she really likes my dog, what can I tell you).

I just think she looks really cute in this sweater, that picture has no relevance to where I am going with my story. So right, my landlord, out of nowhere, asks if I have a boyfriend. So I say noooooo (although in my head I am thinking I should have said yes). She says well hey, there is a tenant in the apartments across the street who is dying to meet me and has been begging her to give him my phone number. That he thinks I am the perfect woman.

So this dude has seen me across a very busy street and decides he loves me. I am so perfect he can tell across the street. My sex appeal must really have kicked up a notch this month. Usually I have to win men over with my personality and beer first, but not this time, oh no.

Right, so she asks if she can just give me his card and then I can call him. I say ok, but have no intention of calling. She returns with my dog and this business card.

Wow and wow. I was just thinking hey, I got rid of all that mold, is there a way I could get it back, I miss it so so much. What I really need to find is someone to remold my house, now wherever could I find one of those dudes? It has to be someone really, really speacial too.

2011-02-04 at 10:06 a.m.