House of Toast

Ok, a picture entry of my new house. I am moving the whole entry down because the box on the side of my page hides half the pictures and I don't know how to work with that. So you will just have to scroll down!

Living room - searching for perfect end table on craigslist for that little lamp on the left that currently rests on a xerox box. Living Room

Another view of the living room and the giant ass shih tzu I am dog sitting until Thursday.Living Room

Another living room shot. This one includes my new little cute tv! Ah I must do something about all those cords sticking out beneath, messy messy. Also that pet bed is going in the dumpster as no pet in the entire household will use it. Dog bone in front is in use by the dog depending on time of day. She leaves it in places I will be sure and step on it.
Living Room

Close-up of the bamboo wall decal.

Dining room (which is really just a corner of the living room).
Dining Room

There is that dog again . . . and a shot of my messy kitchen.
Living Room/Dining Room

Bedroom (dogs included). I am not sure about the color scheme I have picked for in here yet . . . I still need to paint the night stand black.


Another bedroom shot. Still need to hang curtains on second window. Also need a simple black and white print for over the bed.


Backyard shot (it snowed!). Some sort of factory resides behind me . . . not sure what kind, hopefully I do not grow a tail.


That's about it except for the craft room which is too hard to photograph. The house is about 600 square feet total and I love it.

2009-01-27 at 7:51 a.m.