Hives of Death

I left a few jobs off of my previous job history list. For the record:

Multi-Service Corporation Ė This was a weekend job, answering phones for a credit card company to verify charges. I was fired for calling in sick too many times. In my defense they wanted me to be there at 6:00 a.m. Craziness.

K-Mart Ė Proud red vest wearing cashier. Promoted to customer service at which point I had to quit.

Wal-Mart - Yes, it's true.

Hardee's - Cashier/seller of hot ham and cheese sandwiches

Target Ė red shirt, khaki pants and all that goes with that excitement.

That should cover it for now. Iím nothing if not thorough.

Of the twelve jobs I applied for this week, I have heard back from . . . . zero. Itís Friday though which means I donít have to be at this desk for the next two days Ė instead I get to be at Dullardís! I called in sick last night, shhh, donít tell anyone. I drove all the way there, sat in the parking lot for five minutes trying to convince myself to go in Ė but sometimes Iím just not that convincing Ė and drove all the way back home.

Then I broke out in hives last night. I canít figure out why. It was disturbing. Big hives, not cute little ones either. Naturally I called my mom. I figured maybe there was a chance this had happened to me before as a young little Toastcrumbs and she might know what caused it. Sure. She said she didnít remember me ever having hives, but one time as a baby I had a very bad allergic reaction to something and almost died. Wow, almost died, Iím like a medical miracle. However, she canít seem to remember what that something was, that something that almost killed me. It seems to me that would be the kind of thing you would want to, I donít know, if not remember, then at least write down.

There is something out there in the world that may kill me and I have know idea what it could be so I canít avoid it. And you thought you had problems.

The Girl Soon to be in the Bubble,

Hives Toastcrumbs

For no reason at all . . .

Me as a dead prom queen last halloween Performing a dance to Michael Jacksonís ďThrillerĒ. No, really.

2005-08-05 at 8:22 a.m.