Stinkin' Hellh0le

Florid@ is one giant, stinking hellhole, and I don't like hellholes, giant, stinking, or otherwise. It has rained ever single day this month, and now the whole state smells like a wet bucket of chum, and not in a good way either. 45 degrees and raining. Sunshine state my ass.

Saturday night I got lost on the way home trying to find the interstate. Streets here change names for no apparent reason. It was raining pretty hard and I'm at a stoplight somewhere in the projects (trust me, the whole state of Fl0rida is a project)trying to find where I'm at on my map when crazy guy comes and beats on my window asking me for money. And I'm all "get away from my car crazy guy" and he's all "stupid bitch" and on and on until I sped off (sped being a relative term since I drive a Neon). I must stop provoking the homeless.

2002-12-15 at 10:48 p.m.