Happy Pills

I went to my doctor because I was feeling out of sorts and he gives me a scrip for an anti-depressant just like that, bam. Who knew it was so easy? Iím supposed to take one pill before bed, but I think morning might be a bit better as I have been up for the past three nights, restless as all heck, kicking covers in my bed, tossing, turning. I swear I felt like I could have run a marathon at 3:00 in the morning. Right now I am still all jittery. I could probably power a small village with the amount of energy I am giving off just sitting here. So thatís how things are going for me today. Also I donít feel like I will never need to eat or sleep again. Iím sure at some point I will, I just canít foresee it being any time in the near to immediate future.

I went out to lunch yesterday with a guy from work, hereís how it went:

Strike 1: I asked him what type of books he reads. He said: I donít read, I think itís a waste of time. Mmm hmm.

Strike 2: He told me he liked to watch tv. Nothing wrong with that. What does he watch? Sports, all sports, football, basketball, hockey, golf. I said what about baseball (the only sport I will consider watching on tv). He hates baseball.

Then he asked me what I liked to watch and I started talking about C-SPAN and the senate sub-committees and his eyes started to glaze over. Why does that always happen? C-SPAN is flipping fascinating. Seriously. Itís reality tv.

Strike 3: Allergic to cats. Severely.

Strike 4: Republican. It happens. But then he had to ask me if I was one of those liberals who wanted to legalize marijuana. Mmm hmmm.

Anyhow . . . . anyhow. So yeah. I am all over the place today. I feel like I should be running up and down the stairs 37 times. So far I have successfully squashed this particular urge, but just barely.

Have a great weekend Ė as for me, Iíll be at Dillardís, selling giant pairs of pants, tax free through Sunday. Think of me fondly.

2005-07-29 at 11:04 a.m.