Hamster Funk

Itís August Ė does that mean anything? It used to mean something. The last full free month of summer vacation before school started (always the day after labor day). Lots of days by the pool, eating popsicles and afternoons in the air-conditioned basement watching Brady Bunch reruns. Now? I canít wait for August to be over. It's too hot and too humid and too everything. Days are spent bathed in the warm glow of Windows XP sucking down diet coke and waiting for 5:00.

Wow, Iím quite cheery today. This new medication is working well . . . Itís all so boring and blah, isnít it? Wishing the days to go past quickly just to get to the weekends, dreading Sunday nights when it all starts again.

To break the bad mood-y spell I seem to have fallen under, I almost bought a hamster at Petsmart. I know, I know. Too many pets already. They were seriously some cute hamsters though. Persian hamsters I think. No, wait, that canít be right Ė fools would be thinking they were some sort of terrorist bomb hamsters. Whatever though, I wanted one. Then I realized that I would probably have to keep the furry rodent in my room to prevent the cats from turning it into a new toy - the hamster smell would probably funk up the place.

2005-08-02 at 2:31 p.m.