Gypsy, Fonzie, and some Dead Squirells

I really wish that squirrels would stop using my car as a means of committing suicide. I’m starting to take it personally. It’s like they see my car and lose the will to live. Disturbing. Plus? They keep getting caught underneath, wrapped around the radiator or some type of thing that is under the car. I know, the radiator is probably not under the car, right? Maybe all the squirrels lodged under my car have pulled it down below, you just don’t have any idea what could be going on under there.

*WARNING: Gross pictures in links*

Other than the squirrel killing that takes up so much of my time, I found this today and decided to donate to Gypsy the wonderdog. Then I found Fonzie, the jawless cat and I had to donate to him too. Those are some sorry messed up animals as you can see from the scary ass pictures – poor animals! I thought I had done my good deeds today, but then I have been reading this girl’s page forever, and decided to donate to her thing as well. So much for the new pair of shoes I didn’t need. Having done my good deeds for the day, I think I should go home and take a nap, watch some TLC. I’ll run that idea past my boss. I’m not going to say you should donate money to any of these people or animals, but if you don’t, then I can feel morally superior to you by at least 37% more than I did before. Only 37% because I am a (unwilling) squirrel killer and that knocks down the percentage a bit. Think about it.

I am going to see a play tonight, “Wait Until Dark”. Heard of it? I could explain it, but if you care, go read the synopsis on of the movie. Tickets were $15 each, so I bought four so all of my broke ass friends could go. See? The good deeds just don’t stop coming, mmm hmmm. My friend S isn’t allowed to come this time – last week I took her to see my friend Michael’s band play. Band as in orchestra type band thing – they did music from Joan of Arc, the theme from Star Wars, pretty much all over the place with their musical selections, but was awesome nonetheless. S text messaged during the entire performance – in between whispering to me, “is this making you sleepy too?”. Makes the enjoyment of the music much more difficult. This weekend is Shakespeare in the park. I can so do this cultural crap. That’s right, I said it.

I only have to work one day this weekend! Just. One. Day. And only for four hours. Jump back. I hate the escalators at that store – it’s a moving staircase, not a ride. I could understand if they were warp speed express escalators. Wouldn’t that be fun? Then it WOULD be like a ride, and the danger of breaking or losing a limb would only add to the excitement. In the meantime, if you are going to drift into your own private paradise on the escalator, please be kind enough to step aside and let me pass. My lunch break is almost over and I have squirrels to mow down in my deathmobile. Possibly while listening to Mozart.

Update: This page has some updates about Gypsy Dog should you be interested. Other then the dog updates, this guy also has some interesting links on his page – including porn and . . . more free porn! Might want to save those until you get home.

2005-05-13 at 11:25 p.m.